Part II

International Organizations (or Bodies internationally known)
Abbreviations and denominations as currently used in commerce and transportation world-wide.


ABS American Bureau of Shipping
ACI Airport Council International
AACO Arab Air Carriers Organization
AAPA Association of Asia Pacific Airlines
ACAC Arab Civil Aviation Commission
ACAMAR Asociación Centroamericana de Armadores, Central American Shipowners’ Association
ACP Group African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States
ADB Asian Development Bank
AEA Association of European Airlines
AEGPL European Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association
AFCAC African Civil Aviation Commission
AFRAA African Airlines Association
AFOS Arab Federation of Shipping
AFRASEC Afro-Asian Organization for Economic Co- operation
AICMR Association Internationale des Constructeurs de Matériel Roulant, International Association of Manufacturers of Rolling Stock
AIO African Insurance Organization
AISAM Association internationale des sociétés d’assurance mutuelle, International Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
ALACAT Federacion de Asociaciónes Nacionales de Agentes de Carga de América Latina y del Caribe, Federation of National Associations of Forwarding Agents of Latin America and the Caribbean
ALADI Asociación Latinoamericana de Integración, Latin American Integration Association
ALAMAR Asociación Latinoamericana de Armadores, Latin American Shipowners’ Association
AOCI Airport Operators Council International
APA Asean Ports Association
APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Group
ASAPRA Latin American Customs Brokers and
Forwarders Association
ASEAN Association of South-East Asian Nations
ASMAP Association of International Road Carriers


BIAC Business and Industry Advisory Committee
BIPAR Bureau international des producteurs d’assurance et de réassurances, International Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Intermediaries
BIC Bureau International des Containers, International Container Bureau (ICB)
BIMCO Baltic and International Maritime Council
BIS Bank for International Settlements


CACM Central American Common Market
CAEU Council of Arab Economic Unity
CARICOM Caribbean Community
CARIFTA Caribbean Free Trade Association
CCC Customs Co-operation Council
CCNR Central Commission for the Navigation on the Rhine , Zentralkommission für die Rheinschiffahrt
CD Commission du Danube, Danube Commission,
CE Council of Europe
CEA Comité Européen des Assurances, European Insurance Committee
CEAO Communauté Economique de l’Afrique de l’Quest, West African Economic Community
CEFIC European Chemical Industry Council
CEFTA Central European Free Trade Agreement
CEM Conférence Européenne du horaire des trains Marchandises, European Goods Train Timetable Conference
CEMT Conférence Européenne des Ministres de Transport, European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT)
CEN European Committee for Standardization, Comité Européen de Normalisation
CENSA Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners? Associations
CEPAL Economic Commission for Latin America (UN)
CEPE European Council of the Paint, Printing Inks and Artists? Colour Industry
CER Community of European Railways
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
CIT Comité International des Transports par Chemins de fer, International Committee of Railway Transports
CLECAT Comité de Liaison Européen des Commission-naires et Auxiliaires de Transport du Marché Commun, European Liaison Committee of Common Market Forwarders, Europäisches Verbindungskomitee des Speditions- und und Lagereigewerbes
CLEPA European Association of Automotive Suppliers
CMI Comité Maritime International, International Maritime Committee
CN Commonwealth of Nations
COE Council of Europe
COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
COMLOSA Committee of Liner Operators to South America
CPCM Comité permanent consultatif du Maghreb, Permanent Consultative Council of the Maghreb
CSA Caribbean Shipping Association
CSG Consultative Shipping Group
CUEA Conseil de l’Unité Economique Arabe, Council of Arab Economic Unity


EASC European Air Shippers Council
EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EC European Commission
ECA Economic Commission for Africa (UN)
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference, Conférence Européenne de l’Aviation Civile
ECAFE Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (UN)
ECASBA European Community Association of Shipbrokers and Agents
ECCM East Caribbean Common Market
ECE Economic Commission for Europe , Commission Economique pour l’Europe (CEE) (UN)
ECLAC Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
www.eclac.o r g
ECME Economic Commission for the Middle East (UN)
ECOSOC Economic and Social Council (UN)
ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
ECS European Shipper’s Council
ECSA European Community Shipowners’ Association
EDIFICE EDI Forum for Companies with Interest in Computing and Electronics
EFMA European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EGTTC European Goods Train Timetable Conference
EIA European Intermodal Association
EIB European Investment Bank
ELA European Logistics Associations
EOQC European Organization for Quality Control
EPA European Packaging Association
ERA European Regions Airline Association
ERF European Union Road Federation
ESC European Shippers’ Councils
ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN)
ESCWA Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN)
ESPO European Sea Ports Organization
ESTA European Association for the Transport of heavy lifts
ETA European Tallying Association
EU European Union
EUI European Insurance Committee
EURO- Association of European Chambers of CHAMBRES Commerce and Industry
EUROCONTROL European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation


FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FANAF Fédération des Societés d’Assurance de Droit National Africain, Federation of African National Insurance Companies
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization (UN)
FAPAA Federation of Asia-Pacific Aircargo Associations
FASA Federation of Asean Shipowner’s Association
FEA Federal Energy Administration
FECC European Federation of Chemical Distributors, Fédération Européenne du Commerce Chimique
FEDEMAC Federation of European Movers Association
FELACUTI Federacion Latinoamericana de Consejos de Usarios del Transporte Internacional, Latin American Federation of International Transport Users’ Councils
FIA Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, International Automobile Federation
FIATA Fédération Internationale des Associations de Transitaires et Assimilés, International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, Internationale Föderation der Spediteurorganisationen
FIDES Federacion Interamericana de Empresas de Seguros, Interamerican Federation of Insurance Companies
FIDI Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux, Federation of nternational Furniture Removers
FITAP International Federation of Independent Air Transport
FMC Federal Maritime Commission
FONASBA Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents
FTAA Free Trade Area of the Americas , Area de Libre Comercio de las Américas (ALCA)


GATS (WTO) General Agreement on Trade in Services
GATT (WTO) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GCC Arabian Gulf Co-operation Council


HMAC Hazardous Materials Advisory Council


IAAC International Association of Aircargo Consolidators
IABA International Association of Aircraft Brokers and Agents
IACA International Air Carrier Association
IACS International Association of Classification Societies
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IAME International Association of Maritime Economists
IAOPA International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association
IAPH International Association of Ports and Harbours
IATA International Air Transport Association
IBA International Bar Association
ICAA International Civil Airports Association
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization (UN)
ICC International Chamber of Commerce, C hambre de Commerce Internationale (CCI)
ICCA International Council of Chemical Associations
ICCA International Council for Commercial Arbitration
ICF Intercontainer-Interfrigo
ICHCA International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association
ICIB International Cargo Inspection Bureau
ICS International Chamber of Shipping
IDEA International Data Exchange Association
IDIT Institut du Droit International des Transports, Institute of International Law of Transport
IEA International Energy Association
IECC International Express Carriers Conference
IFA International Freight Association
IFCBA International Federation of Customs Brokers Association
IFIP International Federation for Information Processing
IFRC International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
IICL Institute of International Container Lessors
ILA International Law Association
ILO International Labour Organization (UN affiliate)
IMF International Monetary Fund (UN)
IMO International Maritime Organization (UN)
IMTA International Multimodal Transport Association
INTERCARGO International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners
INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization
www.inter p
INTERTANKO International Association of Independent Tanker Owners
IRCA International Railway Congress Association
IRF International Road Federation
IRU International Road Transport Union, Union Internationale des Transport routiers
ISF International Shipping Federation
ISI International Statistical Institute
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ITA Institut du Transport Aérien, Institute of Air Transport
ITC Inland Transport Committee (ECE) i n/uneceitc.htm
ITE Institute of Transportation Engineers
ITO International Trade Oranization
ITU International Telecommunication Union (UN)
IUMI International Union of Marine Insurance, Union Internationale d’Assurances Transports
IVT Internationaler Verband der Tarifeure, International Association of Tariff Specialists


JUNAC Junta del Acuerdo de Cartagena, Board of the Cartagena Agreement ( Bolivia , Colombia , Ecuador , Peru , Venezuela )


LACAC Latin American Civil Aviation Commission
LACMA Latin American and Caribbean Movers Association
LAFTA Latin American Free Trade Association (ALALC)
LASA Latin American Shipowners? Association
LR Lloyd’s Register of Shipping


MERCOSUR Southern Common Market ( Argentina , Brazil , Paraguay , Uruguay )
MINCONMAR Ministerial Conference of West and Central African States on Maritime Transport
MULTIPORT Multiport Ship Agencies Network


NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
NC The Nordic Council ( Denmark , Finland , Island , Norway , Sweden )


OAS Organization of American States
OAU Organization of African Unity
OCAS Organization of Central American States
OCTI Office Central des Transports Internationaux par chemins de fer, Central Office for International Railway Transport
OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Economiques (OCDE)
OIC Organization of the Islamic Conference
OISA Organization of the Islamic Shipowners’ Association
OPEC Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
OSShD Organization for the Collaboration of Railways


PECC Pacific Economic Cooperation Council


SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
SACU Southern African Customs Union
SADC Southern African Development Community
SELA Sistema Economico Latinoamericano, Latin American Economic System
www. s
SIECA Secretaría de Integración Económica Centroamericana Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration
SITA Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques
SPEC South Pacific Bureau for Economic Co-operation
SWIFT Society for World-wide Interbank Financial Telecommunications


TIACA The International Air Cargo Association
TRIPS Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (WTO)


UAC Union Arabe des Chemins de fer, Union of Arab Railways
UASC Union of African Shippers’ Councils
UDEAC Union douanière et économique de l’Afrique centrale, Central African Customs and Economic Union
UFTAA Universal Federation of Travel Agents? Associations
UIC Union Internationale des Chemins de fer, International Union of Railways
UINF Union Internationale de la Navigation Fluviale, International Inland Navigation Union
UIP Union Internationale des Wagons Privés, International Union of Private Wagons
UIRR Union internationale des sociétés de transport combiné Rail-Route, International Union of combined Road-Rail transport companies
UITP Union Internationale des Transports Publics, International Union of Public Transportation
UN United Nations
UN/CEFACT United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business
UNCITRAL United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UN)
UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Conferénce des Nations Unies sur le Commerce et le Développement (CNUCED) (UN)
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UN)
UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund (UN)
UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organizations (UN)
UNIDROIT Institut international pour l’unification du droit privé, International Institute for the Unification of Private Law
UNITAR United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UN)
UPU Union Postale Universelle, Universal Postal Union


WB World Bank
WCO World Customs Organization
www.wcoom d .org
WHO World Health Organization (UN)
www. w
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization (UN)
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WMO World Meteorological Organization (UN)
WPO World Packaging Organization
WTCA World Trade Centers Association
WTO World Trade Organization